Something feels writer’bout this

I am many things – but most importantly, I am passionate.

I am wildly passionate about ideas.

They intrigue me.

Recalling my yesteryears, I have constantly sought that adrenaline rush – where you find yourself voraciously absorbing information, making sense of what it means to you and subsequently presenting it to the world in the best way you know how to. This has always gone hand-in-hand with my wide-eyed fascination with words and their ability to emote, inspire, convince and even, confuse. Perhaps this explains my inner incessant need to share and promote conversation.

Authors. Poets. Columnists. Playwrights. Biographers. Lawyers.

These aren’t just wordsmiths, they are navigators.

They navigate concepts and intentions with purposeful precision. As a lawyer, I am no stranger to drafting affidavits and contracts, strategically removing and inserting words to benefit my clients. As a creative, diction is king where one aspires to communicate effectively to ensure the flourishing of a concept. However, those are purposes which I, to this very day, still struggle to find a sense of belonging.

Through my personal navigation(s), I want to nurture and encourage discourse. In placing myself in intellectually exhilarating positions and being open with my thoughts, I sincerely hope to render an increased level of awareness and consciousness.

I must admit. I am still making sense of the world around me. I am still making sense of why I travel and what it does to me. I am still making sense of people and why they do what they do. For precisely all these reasons above, I write.

And I swear, something feels right about this.


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